About Us


The Georgia Fiscal Management Council (FMC), a nonprofit organization, began in 1968 as the Fiscal Officers’ Council. At that time, membership was limited to one financial representative, usually the fiscal officer, from each State agency. In November 1973, the membership was expanded to include any State employee whose job was related to fiscal management. This change brought in audit, accounting, and budget personnel from the various agencies and resulted in the organization’s name being changed to the State of Georgia Fiscal Management Council.


The Council promotes efficient management of State government resources in a variety of ways. It’s Liaison Committee meets regularly with representatives of the executive and legislative branches of government to offer advice and counsel on fiscal matters and to obtain information for FMC members. The Council serves its members by encouraging professional development and by providing quality educational programs.


Annually, one Council member is elected from each State agency’s general membership to represent them on the Georgia Fiscal Management Council’s Executive Board, which elects officers from among its membership to govern the Board and full Council in its activities.



Executive Board MeetingsĀ – The Council conducts monthly board meetings generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Annual Training ConferenceĀ – Speakers and sessions conducted to present the latest information concerning State financial processes and other topics relevant to sound financial management practices.