Annual Conference


The 2019 annual conference was held beginning Sunday, October 13th through Wednesday, October 16th at the Jekyll Island Convention Center in Jekyll Island, Georgia.


2019 Conference Presentations


CPE Form








2018 CPE Form

Economic Conditions and Outlook in Georgia

Measuring Your Cyber Insurance ROI

Leadership Skills for Higher Level Managers

Managing, Leading and Communicating Across a Multigenerational Workforce

Managing, Leading and Communicating Across a Multigenerational Workforce-Handout

State Inspector General

Workforce Development, Demographics, and Labor Market Data Trends

Agency Banking Evaluation Process Enhancements

Audit Findings and Internal Controls

SAO Updates Presentation 2018

SAO Internal Control Presentation 2018


Department of Audits Update

Understanding the Appropriations Documents

Surplus Property: Asset Management

Economic Conditions and Outlook in Georgia

OST Developments and Updates

DCH/SHBP Update Part 1

DCH/SHBP Update Part 2

Internal Controls

P Card Plans and Virtual Payables

Risk Management: Who Cares? And Why You Should

Technology Update Part 1

Technology Update Part 2


Annual Workforce Report Update


Guide to State Audits

It’s 10 PM….Where’s your personal data?

State Agencies are Using Qlik to Analyze Data for Decision Making

Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget

Leadership Programs/Succession Planning

Retention and Onboarding

Performance Management

GASB Update

Internal Controls-Application of Green Book

So You Want to Save Some Money?

State Purchasing Card Program Update

Public Sector CFO Insights: Leading People, Prioritizing Investments, &
Managing Risk in a Rapidly-Shifting Environment

State Policy Update

Federal Cost Recoveries

SAO Updates


CPE_FMC Sept 2015

Rep. England Budget Presentation

SAO Update

OIG Update

Affordable Care Act Update

AFY16-FY17 Budget Update

Post Issuance Matters

DOAA Update

GA Revenue and Economy Update

Internal Control Update

Department of Revenue Update

Georgia’s Changing Demographics

Georgia Moving Forward

Communicating with the Public and Establishing Your Professional Network

DOAS Update

OPB Update


2014 Conference CPE Form

Alan Essig – Georgia Budget & Policy Institute

Brenda Fitzgerald (DPH) – Improving Care for Women and Infants in Georgia

Carol Schwinne (DOAA) – Reporting Requirements

David Roberts/Heather Lane (KPMG) – Finance Talent Management

David Tanner (CVIOG) – Analyzing Legislation

Greg Griffin (DOAA) – Department of Audits ad Accounts Overview

Senator Jack Hill – Senate Appropriations

Jeff Avers (Suntrust) – Liquidity Management in the New Era

Kristi Johnson (SAO) – Team Works Travel and Expense System

Leslie Lowe/Candy Sarvis – State Purchasing Update & DOAS Human Resources

Sid Johnson – Department of Administrative Services

Sonja Allen (DJJ)/Ernst & Young – Procure to Pay Project

Representative Terry England – House Appropriations

Tracey Arner/David Lakly (CVIOG) – State Financial Training Programs

Tracey Arner – Analyzing Personal Services



CIO Calvin Rhodes

Deron Hicks (OSIG) – Four Myths About Fraud in the Workplace

DOAA – Performance Auditing & Immigration Reform Reporting Requirements

Donna File (DOAS) – State Purchasing Toolbox

Elizabeth Harris (AG) – E-Verify and SAVE

Tracy Arner (CVIOG) – Revenue and Expenditure Analysis

Ernst & Young – How To Turn Your Data Into Business Insight

Ernst & Young – What is Hiding in your Procurement to Payment Cycle?

KPMG – Financial Managers Driving Transformation

Alan Skelton (SAO) – TeamWorks Status

Alan Essig – Georgia Budget & Policy Institute

Kevin Stanford (GTA) – GETS Lessons Learned

Ken Heaghney – Georgia’s Economic Outlook

Tracy Arner (CVIOG) – Making Pivot Tables Work for You

North Highland – People are Key

North Highland – The Future of Finance in State Government

Steve McCoy (OST) – Unwinding Streamlined Banking

Representative Terry England – House Appropriations Chairman

Alan Skelton – State Accounting Office

Senator Jack Hill – Senate Appropriations Chairman

State Health Benefit Plan – 2014 Plan Changes

Suzanne Koch (DPH) – Worksite Wellness Initiative




Cherry Road Technologies – Time and Labor Module

Carl Vinson Institute of Government – Demographics

Carl Vinson Institute of Government – Payroll

Carl Vinson Institute of Government – Situational Leadership

Department of Audits

Department of Public Health

Department of Administrative Services

Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia

House Appropriations Committee

Georgia Budget & Policy Institute

Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission

Georgia Technology Authority

Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget

Nichols Cauley – Audit Findings

North Highlands – Team Building

Senate Appropriations Committee

State Accounting Office – Overview

State Accounting Office – TeamWorks Update